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This has been one of the most amazing week’s I have had since the start of my journey as far as weight loss goes. I lost an unbelievable 9 lbs this week! This put’s me down to 345.2 with a total of 73.8 lbs lost so far! I am now […]

Week 28 weigh in with goal shirt update!

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Happy to report another week of loss! Not a huge loss but still above 2 lbs with a loss of 2.3 lbs! This puts me at a total of 64.8 lbs lost and sitting at the weight of 354.2 lbs! I am getting so close to the lower side of […]

Week 27 weigh in with Full body picture update!

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First off I want to say sorry for falling a bit behind on my posting! I have had a week full of changes, my summer job ended and I have been trying to adjust to a day shift schedule. I also spent most of the week at my parents helping […]

Week 25-26 with random full body picture!

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Another decent week with a loss of .6 lbs! This brings me down to a total of 57.1 lost and sitting at 361.9 lbs! Just 2 lbs away from a level up, I can feel it coming up. This week was a rough week, I have been sick and had a […]

Week 24 weigh in with old goal shirts!

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Things are looking up this week, I was able to get past my mini plateau with a loss of 3.3 lbs! That brings me to a total of 56.5 lbs lost, almost into the 350’s. Currently sitting at 362.5 lbs, just 2.6 lbs till the next Level Up. This week […]

Week 23 weigh in with picture of my motivation board!

Ding! I am now 53.2 lbs down! This level up came fast, and I am already almost half way to the next one. I am almost 1/4th the way to my goal and max level! My quest left off with me just starting back on my quest after meeting with […]

Level Up. Level 5 Attained.

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As far as weight loss this week is concerned it was a bad week, but overall it was a great week food and fitness wise. I unfortunately seem to be hitting my first wall, only lost .1 lbs this week. That means I am now sitting at 365.8. I hope […]

Week 22 weigh in with updated mug shot

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This week ended up alright, I was afraid I might see my first gain. I was able to drop .5 lbs, but I feel guilty because I know if I had tried to be better this week it could have been more! I am down to a total of 53.1 […]

Week 21 weigh in with updated full body picture!

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Rolled a NAT 20 this week, and obtained a loss of 4.1 lbs! Smashing deep into the 360’s all the way to 366.4 lbs, with a total of 52.6 lbs lost! Also gained a level, so expect a new Level Up post this weekend. Just a few more pounds and I […]

Week 20 weigh in with updated Shirt + Free Smile!

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Picking up pace this week with a loss of 1.4 lbs, this brings me to 48.5 lbs in total lost. Sitting at 370.5 lbs, just on the edge of my next level up and hitting 50 lbs lost! Only 4.5 lbs away from 1/4th the way to my goal weight, […]

Week 19 weigh in with new shirt and glasses!