Yearly Archives: 2014

Level Up. Level 3 Attained. 4

Ding! 32 lbs down in a little over two months, and the adventure is just getting started! My quest left off with me breaking down the doors marked “400″ that blocked my way to the first dungeon. After trying to figure out how to bring them down, I decided to just smash them down and […]



Week 10 weigh in with Bacon (Shirt) 1

Big loss is back in town! Well, at least for this week. I lost a whole 3 Lbs this week! Very excited as this brings me down to a total for 31.7 Lbs lost. I smashed past the 30 Lbs mark and could not be happier about it. This is the most I have ever […]

New Equipment! Large Mana Potion 6

I just wanted to share with you my first dungeon loot. I have been having trouble getting in enough water, and not because I do not enjoy water. I just had no way to get water at work outside of my small Mana Potion (Water Bottle), so I decided it was time for an upgrade. […]


Level Up. Level 2 Attained. 2

From 419 lbs to 398 lbs the Challenger enters the arena and is granted a…. Almost 21 lbs down in the last 6 weeks, and it has been a massive adventure so far. My Quest left me off plundering a group of Goblins for epic loot. After my run in with the Goblins I followed […]



Week 6 weigh in. Goodbye 400′s 5

That’s right! This week I was finally able sneak my way back into the 300′s! I am very happy to report a 3.9 Lbs loss for a total of 20.9 Lbs lost so far. This brings me to 398.1 Lbs! I smashed right past 400 Lbs barrier and into my next level up!(Expect my level […]