Level Up. Level 4 Attained. 2



46 lbs down in about 3 and half months. Took me a while to hit this level up but I will keep on going, and I am already close to my next level up! Sorry for the amount of time it took for me to get this posted.

My quest left off with me having just defeated my inner demons and at the same time leveling up. I was excited for my victory but the excitement did not last long as I was suddenly transported to a odd looking room with crystal like walls and veins that glowed blue. It does not appear to be man made, or look like anything I have seen of this world.

I was confused what this room was, and what do now. As if to answer my confusion walls slid open in the back and took me down a long hallway. At the end of the hallway I walked into a giant throne room, the floor was covered in water and the crystals sparkled like the night sky. In the middle of the room sat a women on a throne, she approached me and told me that my quest was just starting. She held out her hand and a glowing light filled the room as a bracelet appeared with a single gem attached to it, but with room for seven more gems. She told me this bracelet belonged to me, and symbolized my quest and future. She said the attached gem was called “The Gem of Self Control“, to finish my quest I would have to collect seven other gems that had been scattered across the land. Understanding I took the bracelet and suddenly woke up in my bed. At first I thought the quest had all been a dream, but than I saw the bracelet in my hands and knew it had all transpired.

Over the next few weeks me and the local people had many parties and celebrations (Gencon and my Birthday). We ate food of all kinds, and had a grand time. It was so much fun that I almost forgot about my quest, until one day I was cleaning and found the bracelet I had almost forgot about and the moment I touched it I knew it was time to get back on the path of my quest. I finished cleaning my home and restocking my supplies for my quest, and realized I had been losing all the skills I had been building up over the first part of my quest. I decided since my skills in swimming were so high i would start adding some physical strength by doing push up and sit ups (100 Push up Program and 200 Sit up Program) while on this part of my quest. 

The next morning I set out to continue my quest, as I left town I head the voice of the women on the throne telling me that the next gem could be found in the kingdom of “349”.

The Kingdom of “349” is many many miles away, and will take me a long time to reach. So I will have to do a lot of walking from this point on, but no matter what I will reach it and collect the next gem. I won’t stop at that gem either, I will get them all and complete my quest. As the first Arch to my story comes to a close I am happy with all of the progress that I have made, and the experiences I have had good and bad. I don’t know what adventures will befall me from this point on, but I know I will conquer them all!

Until next level up,


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2 thoughts on “Level Up. Level 4 Attained.

  • Diane Gilberti

    Congratulations Frank! Glad you found the bracelet and a new challenge.
    I know you’ll be refocused and squared away in no time with that sword of yours!