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Monday Power Up Music #3 Metal 1

Happy Monday! W_o..o_W Sorry once again to get this up so late! I think it has something to do with working the night shift….Also was busy celebrating a late fathers day with my father! This week I decided to share some metal from my playlist. I was outside at my parents mowing the lawn today […]



Week 5 weigh in with my mug shot! 6

Good afternoon once again everyone! I am very excited to report in this week with a 3.6 Lbs loss in weight, with a total of 17 Lbs lost. This brings me to one of my first big mile stones of getting past 404 Lbs, the amount I weighed last summer. I am now happily at […]

Monday Power Up Music #2

  Happy Monday! Getting this post up a little late, but hopefully it can still help Power Up your evening! This week I decided to focus on more video game themed music from my playlist! So without further ado! Zelda Step by Ephixa Chrono Jigga by 2 Mello Have a great week! NerdFitQuest    


Monday Power Up Music 2

Happy Monday everyone, lets Power Up! If you are anything like me Monday is always rough day. It has that magical ability to drag on forever, and by the end of the day I don’t even want to think about working out. So a while back I started to develop a playlist of music that […]



Level Up. Level 1 Attained. 11

I am excited to announce that this past week I hit my goal and was able to…..   I am down all the way from 419 to 407.7. While it is not much a loss I am excited to attain this first level up. I am excited to finally have stepped out of the tavern […]

Lego’s for dinner! 5

Today I thought I would share what my current dinner generally looks like. Before I go into the actual meal I figured it would be best to explain my approach to my new healthy lifestyle and how much like a Pokemon I expect it to evolve over time! So I am treating my meals like […]



Week 3 weigh in with full body picture. 12

Well this is my first blog post in this long quest you have all decided to join me on. There is no better way to start the quest but with some big weight loss news! I restarted my quest for a new lifestyle about three weeks ago. I started just by just cutting the soda, […]