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Level Up. Level 5 Attained.

Ding! I am now 53.2 lbs down! This level up came fast, and I am already almost half way to the next one. I am almost 1/4th the way to my goal and max level! My quest left off with me just starting back on my quest after meeting with the mysterious lady on the throne and […]

Level Up. Level 4 Attained. 2

Ding! 46 lbs down in about 3 and half months. Took me a while to hit this level up but I will keep on going, and I am already close to my next level up! Sorry for the amount of time it took for me to get this posted. My quest left off with me […]

Level Up. Level 3 Attained. 5

Ding! 32 lbs down in a little over two months, and the adventure is just getting started! My quest left off with me breaking down the doors marked “400” that blocked my way to the first dungeon. After trying to figure out how to bring them down, I decided to just smash them down and […]



Level Up. Level 2 Attained. 2

From 419 lbs to 398 lbs the Challenger enters the arena and is granted a…. Almost 21 lbs down in the last 6 weeks, and it has been a massive adventure so far. My Quest left me off plundering a group of Goblins for epic loot. After my run in with the Goblins I followed […]

Level Up. Level 1 Attained. 11

I am excited to announce that this past week I hit my goal and was able to…..   I am down all the way from 419 to 407.7. While it is not much a loss I am excited to attain this first level up. I am excited to finally have stepped out of the tavern […]