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Week 6 weigh in. Goodbye 400’s 5

That’s right! This week I was finally able sneak my way back into the 300’s! I am very happy to report a 3.9 Lbs loss for a total of 20.9 Lbs lost so far. This brings me to 398.1 Lbs! I smashed right past 400 Lbs barrier and into my next level up!(Expect my level […]

Week 5 weigh in with my mug shot! 6

Good afternoon once again everyone! I am very excited to report in this week with a 3.6 Lbs loss in weight, with a total of 17 Lbs lost. This brings me to one of my first big mile stones of getting past 404 Lbs, the amount I weighed last summer. I am now happily at […]


Week 3 weigh in with full body picture. 12

Well this is my first blog post in this long quest you have all decided to join me on. There is no better way to start the quest but with some big weight loss news! I restarted my quest for a new lifestyle about three weeks ago. I started just by just cutting the soda, […]