Lego’s for dinner! 5

Today I thought I would share what my current dinner generally looks like.

Before I go into the actual meal I figured it would be best to explain my approach to my new healthy lifestyle and how much like a Pokemon I expect it to evolve over time! So I am treating my meals like big play sets of Lego’s. I started with a healthy base trying to stay under on calories while not going over on my carbs and fats. Every few days I add more Lego blocks (food) to the mix to fill the gaps and sometimes I have to tear it down and rebuild parts of it to make it more healthy. Once a meal is fully built I will use it for a while till I am sick of it then I will start a new set of Lego’s, but I can always throw that old set back into the mix. By doing this I feel I am really relearning everything I know about food and creating my own go to meals.


Above is my current set of dinner Lego’s! This meal consists of the following.

1 High fiber low carb wrap
1 Cup of pressure cooked black beans
2 Handfuls of salad.
1 Serving of Kraft light asian sesame dressing
8 Oz of grilled chicken

In this example I added some tomatoes as building blocks but I don’t know if I plan to keep them.

You can view all my current meals at

Let me know what suggestions you have about my method or about this set of Lego’s in the message below!


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5 thoughts on “Lego’s for dinner!

  • Ashley House

    I absolutely love the Lego analogy! I think it’s a great way to look at the food and it might really offer some people who are more visual a better way to get what they need. I also think it will be a great way to explain to kids a better way to eat so I will be trying it out on my kids! Thanks for the brilliant idea. What a simple but yummy dinner.

  • Nicole

    Very cool idea!

    Also, I don’t know if you use spices, but they can really enhance the flavor of foods without adding a lot of calories. If you’re using a blend, try to find one with no or at least low salt. Mrs. Dash has a lot of cool flavors to play with. Cumin and cinnamon are really good in fresh black beans. And usually the cheaply priced spices are fine. I get most of mine at Aldi.

  • Diane Gilberti

    Brillant idea of using Lego log analogy for your nurtrition plan. I agree with the other posters about visual learning and using this concept to teach kids about food. Great way to build your menu planning, food shop, and create NerdFitQuest recipes.
    Maybe you should patent your avatar, write a book on your experience including all the exercises and foods, etc.
    Enjoy playing with your food!