Level Up. Level 2 Attained. 2

From 419 lbs to 398 lbs the Challenger enters the arena and is granted a….


Almost 21 lbs down in the last 6 weeks, and it has been a massive adventure so far.

My Quest left me off plundering a group of Goblins for epic loot. After my run in with the Goblins I followed my quest with a few twists and turns in the road but nothing slowed me down or was able to stop me. I soon ran into the massive town of “Reddit” and became part of an awesome Guild called “r/Loseit“. My new found allies gave me a place to rest, motivation, and told me where I could spend some of my gathered GP. After a good bit of rest I departed from my new found friends and stopped at the store they told me about. I spent 40 GP to obtain the following.

1x Chain Mail Armor
1x 1h Longsword

I also sold some of my old gear back to the shopkeeper for 10 GP. While I was clearing out my old bags I stumbled upon a old magical shirt and pair of jeans that had never fit me before, but with all the work I have been doing on my quest I was able to wear them and recive the +10 Motivation bonus from the magical shirt.

I soon after started back on the road following my quest to the first dungeon I must face. On the way I was attacked by members of the “Pizza Brigade Bandits” and had to fight them in some PvP (Player vs Pizza) battles. I came out on top and looted from them 110 GP and a odd looking key.

Soon after the battle my old shoes fell apart and I regretted not looting some shoes from the bandits. I stopped at a tavern along the road to see if anyone could tell me where the nearest place to buy shoes would be. In a dark corner of the room I met an old wise man that told me of a legend of mystical boots that could fit anyone, he said they lay at the bottom of lake “YMCA Swimming Pool”. Being the adventure that I am I decided to take on this side quest, he warned me that the treasure was protected by a giant sea monster. After a pep talk by some other warriors via my linkshell “MFP” I was able to take the lake on. It was a great victory, it felt great to swim again and defeat the lake monster. I found in the treasure chest the mystical one size fits all boots and 200 GP. After enjoying my new found love of swimming and fighting underwater monsters for more EXP I decided to get back to my quest.

I soon arrived at the doors to the first dungeon. The doors looked beautiful and had giant engraved numbers that said “400”, I did not understand how to open the door to the dungeon. So I did the obvious thing, grabbed my shield, I took a charge to the door. I smashed the door down with ease and at the same time leveled up.

Before me now lays a long dark hallway. I know not where it is going to take me, or what monsters I might have to face, but I wont give up on my quest no matter what!

Until next level up,


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