Level Up. Level 3 Attained. 5



32 lbs down in a little over two months, and the adventure is just getting started!

My quest left off with me breaking down the doors marked “400” that blocked my way to the first dungeon. After trying to figure out how to bring them down, I decided to just smash them down and keep on going. As soon as I broke down the door I ended up taking a tumble and triggering a spike trap. I was able to dodge the trap because of my past training but I knew this was going to be a rough dungeon to traverse.

At first I was able to dodge the traps well, but as I worked my way to the lower floors of the dungeon they got more tricky. As I dodged a particularity tricky trap I stumbled into a room full of Skeleton Warriors and Archers. I was able to combat them well, but I was overwhelmed by the amount of them. My HP did not hold up and I was slain.

Don’t worry I re-spawned at a nearby  sanctuary as my quest has no end, and I will keep on going no matter what troubles I have to deal with. No challenge will stop this Warrior from completing his quest. I decided that before tackling the dungeon again I needed to do two things. First I needed to train my body more, the dungeon was long so had to work on my endurance. Second I felt I had to find a party to help my clear this dungeon.

So I started to work on my endurance. I started by going to a meeting for nearby warriors (Graphic Designer Meetup). Seeing many great warriors bolstered my motivation to the next level, and I was accepted into there inner circle. I received some Marks (Stickers) and an invite to the clan of “Dribble” they belong to. After joining up I decided that I would go walking to each nearby town in search of people that would join me on my quest to conquer the dungeon. I was fortunate to come into contact with two such people. The first was a magnificent Healer by the name of Luthien and the second was a Bard named Sir Robbington who wanted to verbally share my story and supply songs to the group. 

It finally felt like I was close to a point I could enter the dungeon and this time clear it, but one thing had to be done first. We had to grind on boars, chickens, and cows for meat on our journey. While grinding out the food resources I got an epic drop from a pig! 

1x Heavy Plate Armor of Bacon.

It was finally time for me and my new party to enter the dungeon. It was a long grind to the bottom floor of the dungeon. We had to avoid many traps and fight a vast amount of monsters. While I fought the monsters head on Luthien healed me from the back lines and Sir Robbington sang songs to soothe them. We finally reached the bottom floor and a giant door stood before us. I took the first step inside, and suddenly the door was gone as well as my party. Before me lay a massive amount of food. Almost everything I love and craved lay before me. As I looked at the food demons appeared, and I could have sworn they came from my own body. They welcomed me to the Feast (BBQ/Pool Party). I knew then that I had to defeat these demons and not be destroyed by the food that lay in front of me. The battle was hard fought and I almost gave into temptation, but in the end I was able to slay all of the demons and at the same time I leveled up. 

I was overjoyed to finally be done with the first dungeon and I thought about how I would be able to go back to the tavern and rest. No sooner did that thought cross my mind that I found myself teleported into an unfamiliar room.

I don’t know where I am now, this room does not look man made. It has a crystal like surface, and the walls have veins that glow blue. Before me lays another hallway. I am excited to step into the unknown and continue on with my quest!

Until next level up,



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