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I am now 53.2 lbs down! This level up came fast, and I am already almost half way to the next one. I am almost 1/4th the way to my goal and max level!

My quest left off with me just starting back on my quest after meeting with the mysterious lady on the throne and throwing a party with the local people of the village I was in. My quest was starting back up to collect all of the gems of power and make my way to the far off destination of the land of “349”

I started off my journey strong, making much progress over the first few weeks. I soon ran into issues when I went a little overboard and kept skipping over rest stops not wanting to slow my progress down at all. My body eventually wore out and I had to stop at a roadside tavern to eat and sleep. I was so focused on filling my body with delicious food and getting sleep I did not realize I was being targeted by a bandit. As soon as I went to bed the sneaky bandit sneaked into my room and stole my “Gem of Self Control“! It took me almost a week to realize that the “Gem of Self Control” had been stolen. I had a hard time not eating unhealthy food and no matter what I tried could not find the self control to stop and leave the tavern.

Once I finally noticed the gem was missing I kicked myself into gear and got myself partially back under control. I went around asking other visitors of the tavern if they had seen anything. After a few hours of asking around, one of the bar maids told me she had seen a man who belonged to a local group of bandits walking out the back of the tavern with a gem that sounded like the “Gem of Self Control“. I asked around to see if anyone knew the whereabouts of the bandits. Eventually I found someone who pointed me north towards the hills along the river bed, they told me behind a waterfall I would find a magical door that was the entrance of the bandits lair. They told me it would be useless for me to go as only a bandit could open the magical door, but I was determined I would find a way.

After trekking the river bed I came to the bandits lair and behind the waterfall I did indeed find the magical door. The door was made of stone and had no handle to open it with. The only thing on the surface of the door was a keyhole. Remembering back to my last run in with bandits I grabbed the odd looking bandits key from my backpack and to my disbelief it slid right in and the key vanished. The door opened by itself and led me into a dimly lit  tunnel. At the end of the tunnel I came upon the gang of bandits, who as luck would have it had not noticed me. Getting the jump on them and with the help of all my levels I was able to take them out with ease. 

I tied the bandits up and demanded they give me back my gem, but to my dismay they had already sold the gem. I took the money they had made from the sale, a small fortune of 10,000 GP, and headed back to the tavern to let the local knights know I had captured the bandits. Upset that I had lost the gem, I ordered a big meal to eat away my stress. I sat at the table looking at my food my mouth salivating, but I could not bring myself to eat it. I knew it was a bad choice and I needed to get back on my quest. So I left the food on the table and I left. I got back on the road to the land of “349” and suddenly the “Gem of Self Control” appeared floating in front of me. I reached out for it and grabbed it with my hands but nothing happened. All of the sudden the voice of the lady on the throne rang in my head it said “The Gem of Self Control has always been a part of you, and remains inside you”. At that the gem moved forward into my chest and disappeared. Overjoyed I that I had my self control back I stepped forward towards my quest, and Leveled Up! 

I am now level 5 and have mastered control over myself. I still have a long way to go before I reach the land of “349”, but I know I will make it with all my new found power! I will be able to overcome any wall that gets in my way and even if I lose my way, I will find the path forward again!

Until next level up,


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One thought on “Level Up. Level 5 Attained.

  • Diane Gilberti

    May the Gem of Self Control always bring you closer to your Quest!
    Beware of the Goblin Warchief Shield in your journey of the next two weeks, Put on that armor and slay those demons!

    Congratulations on attaining Level 5! That was fast.