Level Up. Level 1 Attained. 11

I am excited to announce that this past week I hit my goal and was able to…..



I am down all the way from 419 to 407.7. While it is not much a loss I am excited to attain this first level up. I am excited to finally have stepped out of the tavern and started my epic quest to a healthy new lifestyle. I am already feeling stronger and can tell that my STR (Strength) points have gone up, At the same time I feel like ever so slightly my CHA (Charisma) points have gone up. I have been listening to a lot of podcasts as of late trying to get my WIS (Wisdom) points up, I would like to recommended a few to you to help you along with your own quest! The 1st podcast is Tips Of The Scale www.tipsofthescale.com (Check out episode 58 with Les Stratford, it is like a free mega potion of wisdom, it might have the side effect of making you tear up some be warned) I really find this podcast series full of useful information for my day to day life on this quest for a new healthy lifestyle.It is also very motivational it has been my basic starting map as I get closer to entering my first dungeon. The 2nd podcast I would like to recommend is half size me www.halfsizeme.com while I don’t listen to it as much, I think it also has some great messages and positive advice. So far my journey has been really smooth and enjoyable, my only big encounter was a camp full of Goblins and a Goblin Warchief (Aka Memorial day BBQ) I was able to make it out unscathed and gained a lot of EXP and some awesome Loot. My spoils are as follows

1x Leather Tunic

1x Goblin Short Sword

1x Goblin Warchief Shield

1x Cotton Pants

50 GP (Gold)

Thank you all for following my on my adventure, I appreciate all of the support! For additional support follow me on Twitter and Facebook!

Until next time,





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