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First off sorry this is a little late, my week was a little odd because I had to go out Wednesday morning. That made me push back my weigh in day, and I forgot about the post Thursday night! A little slow this week with a loss of 1.1 lbs, […]

Week 18 weigh in with updated mugshot and another free ...

Ding! 46 lbs down in about 3 and half months. Took me a while to hit this level up but I will keep on going, and I am already close to my next level up! Sorry for the amount of time it took for me to get this posted. My […]

Level Up. Level 4 Attained.

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Another great week with a loss of 2 lbs, down from 375 to 373. That 50 lbs is coming up fast, just 4 more lbs! This weight loss was extra exciting because this is my first real legit loss now that I am past the 375 barrier! This is officially […]

Week 17 weigh in with full body picture update!

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Had a good weight loss week, but I don’t feel like I deserve it. I did not work out at all really, missed sleep, and ate a lot of crappy food compared to what I normally eat. The only thing I did right was keep my calories at the right […]

Week 16 weigh in with new shirt pictures!

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I would like to apologize for my recent absence on my blog, I know I should have done better get get a post up since the last one on August the 8th. I kind of just got caught up getting ready for my vacation to Gencon. Then I went to […]

Week 14-15 with Gencon and Birthday Party pictures.

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Getting back on track this week with a 2.2 lbs loss. I am very happy with this loss even if it is not a big number, but I wish it had been at least another .1 to give me that level up! Oh well next week I will level up […]

Week 13 weigh in with updated mugshot and Free Smile!

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Well in contrast to last week this one was not great. At least in comparison to the amount of weight I lost last week. This week I saw the scale drop another .5 Lbs. That puts me at a total of 36.8 Lbs lost, and sitting at 382.2 Lbs. I […]

Week 12 weigh in with new goal shirts and retirement ...

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It is odd how the body works, last month for my full body picture I had the exact same weight loss! That’s right I dropped 4.7 lbs again from last week. That brings me to 382.7 lbs down from 419 lbs with a total of 36.3 lbs lost so far! […]

Week 11 weigh in with updated full body picture.

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Ding! 32 lbs down in a little over two months, and the adventure is just getting started! My quest left off with me breaking down the doors marked “400” that blocked my way to the first dungeon. After trying to figure out how to bring them down, I decided to […]

Level Up. Level 3 Attained.

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Big loss is back in town! Well, at least for this week. I lost a whole 3 Lbs this week! Very excited as this brings me down to a total for 31.7 Lbs lost. I smashed past the 30 Lbs mark and could not be happier about it. This is […]

Week 10 weigh in with Bacon (Shirt)