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Another small loss this week, only 1 Lbs. This puts my just shy of hitting 30 Lbs lost, I guess next week! I was a little sad at first at such a small loss, but after thinking about it on my swim I came to terms with it. I decided […]

Week 9 weigh with a plethora of pictures

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Not a huge loss this week like the past weeks, but still a healthy loss of 2.1 Lbs! Which is kind of funny because this week the picture is back to my goal shirt, and last time we saw my goal shirt I also had lost 2.1 Lbs. Kind of […]

Week 8 weigh in and once again trying on my ...

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I just wanted to share with you my first dungeon loot. I have been having trouble getting in enough water, and not because I do not enjoy water. I just had no way to get water at work outside of my small Mana Potion (Water Bottle), so I decided it […]

New Equipment! Large Mana Potion

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This week was another big weight loss week, with a loss of 4.7 Lbs! Heck I am almost under 390, this level up is coming up fast! I guess dungeon mobs are good EXP. I am sitting at 393.4 Lbs with a total of 25.6 Lbs lost! I can not […]

Week 7 weigh in with updated full body picture.

Level-Up 2
From 419 lbs to 398 lbs the Challenger enters the arena and is granted a…. Almost 21 lbs down in the last 6 weeks, and it has been a massive adventure so far. My Quest left me off plundering a group of Goblins for epic loot. After my run in […]

Level Up. Level 2 Attained.

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That’s right! This week I was finally able sneak my way back into the 300’s! I am very happy to report a 3.9 Lbs loss for a total of 20.9 Lbs lost so far. This brings me to 398.1 Lbs! I smashed right past 400 Lbs barrier and into my […]

Week 6 weigh in. Goodbye 400’s

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Happy Monday! W_o..o_W Sorry once again to get this up so late! I think it has something to do with working the night shift….Also was busy celebrating a late fathers day with my father! This week I decided to share some metal from my playlist. I was outside at my […]

Monday Power Up Music #3 Metal

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Good afternoon once again everyone! I am very excited to report in this week with a 3.6 Lbs loss in weight, with a total of 17 Lbs lost. This brings me to one of my first big mile stones of getting past 404 Lbs, the amount I weighed last summer. […]

Week 5 weigh in with my mug shot!

  Happy Monday! Getting this post up a little late, but hopefully it can still help Power Up your evening! This week I decided to focus on more video game themed music from my playlist! So without further ado! Zelda Step by Ephixa Chrono Jigga by 2 Mello [soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/120847164″ […]

Monday Power Up Music #2

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Good afternoon! I am happy to report in that this week I was able to misplace another 2.1 Lbs. This puts me at 405.6 Lbs, with a total of loss of 13.4 Lbs. I am getting really close to both the three hundreds and my weight that I started at […]

Week 4 weigh in and trying on my first mini ...