Week 10 weigh in with Bacon (Shirt) 1

Big loss is back in town! Well, at least for this week. I lost a whole 3 Lbs this week! Very excited as this brings me down to a total for 31.7 Lbs lost. I smashed past the 30 Lbs mark and could not be happier about it. This is the most I have ever lost any time I have tried to get my weight in check. I know it won’t stop here This time next year I want to have lost at least 100 Lbs. I now currently weigh 387.3 which also means I leveled up, so expect a post in the next day or so. I am now only 12.3 Lbs away from my lowest weight last year when I was dieting, I can not wait to reach that milestone.

This week has felt amazing for both exercise and food intake. I am starting to feel like a well oiled machine as this lifestyle change becomes habit and my motivation levels have been sky rocketing. I ate my normal meals but switched the meats up most days with all the meat I had from the previous post. The only day I did not stick to my normal meals was when I went to a BBQ/Swimming party. That was a real test for me because I know I could have ate a lot more of the delicious food, but I was able to moderate and calculate my intake. The only real thing I am disappointed with is that I had a beer, which I know I should really avoid. I did spend like 2 hours in the pool swimming and playing games with everyone so I know I had to burn some calories at least. We even reinvented “Marco Polo” and instead yelled “Hordor, Hordor”.

Exercise wise this week was also good. I got back into the habit of walking, which was great. I think that helped contribute to my big loss this week. My swimming program is going awesome also. I am now on week 3 day 2 and swimming about 900m. I hope to pick my speed up while swimming as right now it is taking me over an hour to swim 900m.

My first big NSV was my swim suit this week. When I first started wearing it I had a hard time putting it on and it was very tight, now I have trouble keeping it up even with the cord tightened. I also have been for the first real time noticing the change in my body. I was looking in the mirror the other night at my stomach and I noticed how on each side I have to big indents. I have had them for a while, but then I turned a little and I could see how much weight I had lost from my stomach area. It was an amazing feeling! My arms and legs are also feeling lighter, sometimes I lift my arms up and they just shoot up higher then I planned.  Another NSV is I tried on most my old 3xl shirts and about 70% of them fit me now, even a few button up ones! I think it is safe to say I can officially wear 3xl shirts, now to move on to 2xl!

Another exciting event this week is that while playing video games I did not sit the whole time, which is a big problem for me. Normally when I game it is not uncommon for me to sit up to 8 hours without moving. Me and my friend KrisisOD started to set an alarm clock each hour that we played and on the hour we would get up and move around for 5-10 minutes. We are working on a better more nerdy system and will update you with a post when we finish it!

This weeks picture is another exciting part of this week. My dad surprised me with a new 3xl shirt from Think Geek! I was so excited to try it on and have it fit that i wore it for like 3 days haha! It fits really well and I love it, I mean how could I not it is all about “Bacon”.

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One thought on “Week 10 weigh in with Bacon (Shirt)

  • Nicole (Dragonborn)

    LOVE the shirt! It sounds like you did great at the barbecue. Beer is fine as an occasional treat. Just log it and make it up! But honestly, I’ve found that beer, cider and wine make me crash hard anymore. I’m just not used to the carbs. Now if I want an adult beverage I drink a Captain & Diet tall (one shot of Captain Morgan rum and Diet Coke) it’s still not healthy, but it’s only 90 calories and like, 0.5 carbs. Also, I’ve found that when I’m gaming I will sometimes move around while I’m in slow parts. Like if I’m running around a town talking to people in Skyrim or Oblivion, I’ll walk in place or even do lunges. haha Of course I sit back down and focus if I’m going through a dungeon or if I get into a battle. I’m too restless to just sit there for hours anymore!