Week 11 weigh in with updated full body picture. 8

It is odd how the body works, last month for my full body picture I had the exact same weight loss! That’s right I dropped 4.7 lbs again from last week. That brings me to 382.7 lbs down from 419 lbs with a total of 36.3 lbs lost so far! That is almost 40 lbs! I am only two pounds shy of hitting the goal my parents gave me for Gencon to earn some extra money for the convention and only 7 lbs from my lowest weight in a long time and the weight I was at last Gencon. I am really hoping I can drop the 7 lbs before Gencon, only have three weeks. It won’t be the end of the world if I don’t but just want to have a mini goal to work towards.

This week was a good week in every aspect, but I was still really surprised to see the scale move so much! I felt like this was going to be a small loss week, I guess sometimes my body lies to me haha. I got another wonderful bunch of meat this week from my parents and have been really enjoying the ability to switch things up. I feel like my fat intake is getting a little high so I am trying to decide what I want to do to cut it back, I might try switching to 2% Milk…..but whole milk is so good! I also have been trying to include more veggies in my diet, but it is rough. I end up spending a lot more time in the kitchen when I start cooking with fresh produce, but it does taste great. I have also managed to drink at least 10 cups of water a day, and sometimes more! Water consumption is almost becoming second nature to me, and it really helps me stay full. I have not really had any hunger cravings this week, or urges to just blow my diet. It is really great to feel content with my diet.

Exercise has been going well also, this week everyday I got at least 30 min walks in if not longer and this week I plan to push that to 35 min walks. I ended week three of my swimming program and am now on my last day of week 4! Only 7 more swims to go and I will be done. I have never finished a fitness program that I have started so I am super excited! Also very happy I will be done with it before Gencon. I plan to swim at our hotels pool, but I doubt I can get my normal swim in.

This week for NSV I had a decent amount! I was able to fit into some khakis that before I could not fit into at all, they are 50w! I hope by fall I can go pants shopping and not have to much of a problem finding some pairs. I also hung up my full body mirror and it has been giving me a lot of motivation every time I see myself I get pumped up. In fact I was so pumped after I put it up I wanted to go get a hair cut to feel better about my self image, my hair was getting out of control. I also was able to resist the temptation of Chinese Buffet when my friends called me up and asked me to go, I did it without even having to think about it. Felt good to not even crave it or think much about it. My last NSV is at the start of my quest I had a hoddie I wore a lot to work and it was super tight on me. I put it on the other day and it is now super loose on me!

For this weeks picture it is a new full body picture of myself at my new weight 382 lbs! I feel like I look smaller, what do you all think?

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Haircut yay!


NSV – Pants!


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8 thoughts on “Week 11 weigh in with updated full body picture.

  • Diane Gilberti

    You are doing extremely well. The changes in this week’s pic are most notable. Like the haircut!

    Yes, fresh foods will always take longer to prepare but if you can afford them continue to use them. They’re best for you, followed by fresh, then can, then boxed/wrapped. Veggies are your best legod to add vs fruits, which will have more carbs (sugars). Maybe a smaller portion of your butter or bacon? ( Let me check your diary. See you on MFP).

    I’m getting excited for you as it gets closer to Gencon. I believe the 7 pds is attainable. You have your program down, you’re doing it, and getting results! Great inspiration to all of us…

  • Gina

    Awesome job! It’s great to keep up with you here and on MFP. Great inspiration :). I’ve been mixing things up with my fresh veggies…different recipes found onlne, but also eating them raw in whole wheat wraps with fruity vinaigrette (I LOVE the Marie’s Raspberry kind). Any dressings I use are from the produce aisle (the no-preservative, all-natural dressings) and are fantastic! Just keep up the good work and I know you will be ready in time for Gencon!

  • Amanda Z

    Great job! I can definitely see a difference between your two pictures. You’re making great progress and it’s nice to see that you are content with your new lifestyle changes.

    You mentioned cutting back on fat and switching to 2% milk. I have read a lot of research about fats, and I’ve found it’s best to eat dairy in its natural full-fat form. It is higher in calories and fat content obviously, but if you cut back your portion sizes, it’s much better for you in the long run. Think of the process it takes to remove fat from dairy. It has to go through a ton of processes and chemicals are involved and other things are typically added to compensate for the loss of flavor. Just wanted to share what I’ve learned!

    It’s great that you’ve incorporated more fresh foods. I also like to have a constant stock of frozen broccoli and cauliflower as well. Since they are frozen shorty after they are picked, they typically retain more nutrients than fresh which have been sitting on a truck then on a shelf for a while. Most other things are better tasting fresh.

    The peanut gallery will quiet down now :) Again you’re doing a fantastic job!


  • Nicole (Dragonborn)

    You look a lot smaller between the two photos, Frank. You are doing so well! <3

    To reduce fat and sugar you could try unsweetened coconut or almond milk. They're both in the regular milk section of most stores now. My boyfriend and I have both switched and we love them. We don't miss regular milk at all.

    And like Amanda mentioned, frozen vegetables are pretty awesome. We keep our freezer full of frozen veggies. You can throw the steamable ones right into the microwave in the bag, and the non-steam bag kind you just pour into a bowl and throw a lid on loosely. Don't add water though. They say to add water and it's a lie!

  • Skrib69

    Personally I find the lower fat content of skimmed milks is not worth the change in taste. I prefer to go for leaner cut of meat or even skip a pizza! Your progress is really starting to show in all areas now, not just your face!! Congratulations, and keep going for the GenCon!!