Week 12 weigh in with new goal shirts and retirement of old goal shirt. 2

Well in contrast to last week this one was not great. At least in comparison to the amount of weight I lost last week. This week I saw the scale drop another .5 Lbs. That puts me at a total of 36.8 Lbs lost, and sitting at 382.2 Lbs. I could feel going into the gym tonight to weigh myself that I was not going to have a good weigh in, my body felt very bloated and swollen, the complete opposite of how I felt the week before. I think I ate to many salty foods and I ate at odd times not really sticking to my schedule that last few days. I also got no walking in over my weekend and sat around a lot. Overall I am happy that I still had a loss, but it was my smallest loss yet. I won’t let it get me down and I will spring back over the next few weeks I am positive! Going to challenge myself this week to eat super clean and cut some of my sodium intake if I can.

Food this week went well outside of the sodium problem. I played around with my food a lot, and maybe eat some things I should not have. If I did something else wrong this week it would be that I had the choice to eat healthier versions of some foods but opted for the one that tasted better. An example is I bought tasty white artisan rolls when i could have gone with something whole wheat. I also can see I need to add some more vegetables, I just have a hard time with them as I have mentioned before. Maybe this week I will figure it out. I feel like overall it was a clean week, I drank a very large amount of water, and avoided a lot of trigger food. I had times I could have blown my calories and was able to say no without hesitation.

Exercise went really well this week outside of not walking over the weekend, which was a really big mistake. I did get at least a 35 minute walk in all the other days and most days I made that at least a 40 minute walk. This week I plan to go for 35 minute walks everyday and this time to set my goal to include the weekend. Swimming is going really well, just 3 more swims before I do my mile swim without stopping. At that point I will be done with the program, and then I will have to figure out what type of swimming program I want to do. I saw two that I am interested in, one for weight loss, the other to improve my times. This week I am going to try to get a few days of yoga in again, wish me luck!

I don’t feel like I have very many NSV this week but I did have a few. My first big one is I have started to wear 3xl shirts everywhere even decided next time I shop I will pick up 3x shirts and not even look at the bigger shirts. I also sort of realized how much more energy I have and I can do things so much better then when I started. I don’t feel like I am going to kill over anymore when I walk up stairs. I can bend over to tie me shoes, and when I need to get up and get something or walk to the mail box I don’t even care. I know that before I would find some excuse not to move 9 out of 10 times.

This week I am putting my old goal shirt into retirement now that 3xl is my new shirt size! What better way to celebrate my goal shirt becoming a normal shirt than buying two new goal shirts that are 2xl! Check them out and let me know what you think!

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2 thoughts on “Week 12 weigh in with new goal shirts and retirement of old goal shirt.

  • Chris

    Don’t let the slower progress get you down! You are doing awesome! Might just be water and a little bit of muscle gain You can gain up to 0.25lbs of muscle a week.

    No shame in buying frozen veggies if you are having problems getting them in, that is how I do it. Takes 6 minutes to cook them, and no cutting necessary :)