Week 13 weigh in with updated mugshot and Free Smile! 3

Getting back on track this week with a 2.2 lbs loss. I am very happy with this loss even if it is not a big number, but I wish it had been at least another .1 to give me that level up! Oh well next week I will level up right before Gencon I am positive! This puts me at 39 lbs lost from my original weight of 419, that’s right all the way down to 380! It seems like the blink of an eye and sometimes I have a hard time even comprehending that I am dropping that fat. I am almost at at 10% of my total body weight lost, just 4 more lbs. That will be a giant mile stone for me, and according to articles like this a major health benefit!

Food this week was good at first glance, but I could have done better. Someone at work made brownies twice this weekend, and I knew I could fit them into my calories. I tried to avoid them but both nights ended up having some with my apples and cheese, it was really good! Just not 100% positive it was the right choice. I had a really tasty cheat day on Monday when I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy, which was amazing. I had my favorite pizza, it has marmalade, goat cheese, and summer sausage. I did my best and got a personal size version and drank water. At the theater I decided to have a White Cherry ICEE <3.

Exercise this week was far from my best. I had to push my first swim back a day because I was really sore and did not want to hurt myself swimming. On Monday I also pushed my swim back because I was doing things with my roommate, and eating pizza Haha. Just 1 more swim left before I swim my mile without stopping and finish the 0 to 1650 swim program! I got more walks in, but not everyday.  Going to keep on trying to get more walks in, my legs just get tired and I find it  hard to get started on my walk. Once I start I normally enjoy it, just need to rember that going into this week! Just a week from Gencon, I will get a lot of walking then!

This week my big NSV was I noticed I am having less breathing problems when doing my day to day stuff and when I am sleeping. I don’t wake up dehydrated anymore and I feel much more energetic in the mornings. I don’t feel like I really ever crash anymore, when before I started I was lucky to get 2-3 hours of feeling awake a day. Now I go to bed full of energy, but am able to fall asleep with no problems almost instantly. It is kind of crazy how good I am feeling when I am working out so much!

This week is my updated mugshot, and I have a neck! Who would have known at 419. I can not wait to see what my face looks like at 280, that will be a crazy day. I also took a picture testing out my smile, I thought I would share a free smile with you all today!

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3 thoughts on “Week 13 weigh in with updated mugshot and Free Smile!

  • Diane Gilberti

    Hey hey hey- love those smileys! Congratulations on achieving 2.2 lbs lost!!! You’ll get the 10% and Level 4 because you want it. It is all so amazing how much you’ve accomplished in these past few months. Glad your breathing is improving and you’re getting more normal sleep now, it only gets better from here, Can you belive that?
    Have a nice 1650 swim and a great week. Hugs.