Week 14-15 with Gencon and Birthday Party pictures. 1

I would like to apologize for my recent absence on my blog, I know I should have done better get get a post up since the last one on August the 8th. I kind of just got caught up getting ready for my vacation to Gencon. Then I went to Gencon, came back really tried, worked 7 days in a row, celebrated my birthday, and recorded a podcast onsite at a Indiana comic book store. So it has been a non stop few weeks. Don’t worry I have still be on my way to a healthier me! I will say that I feel I have been a little more flexible then I should on what I eat. I would say I have been eating good 90% of the time, but I think I just feel a little guilty because I let myself indulge at Gencon and my Birthday.

Since my last update I have lost 1.5 lbs, down to 378.5! That means I hit a level up, that post should be up in the next few days (Sorry again I know it is very delayed). I was very happy to step back on the scale after Gencon and have lost .5 lbs, after I talk about some of the food I had over Gencon weekend I think you will agree that any loss was awesome. It is hard to believe that I am now officially 40.5 lbs down! 10 more lbs and I will be half way to 100 lbs lost!

Food over the last few weeks has been an up and down roller coaster. For the Gencon weekend I decided I would eat at maintenance level and let myself just enjoy food. I think next year I will be more strict on myself, and bring a lot more of my own foods. Not just for health reasons but also I spent way to much on food over the weekend! I started off before even going to Gencon by going to Fazoli’s with my roommate. I realized just how much I must have been over eating tracking my calories that day. I ate about 1/3 the amount of food I normally would have at Fazoli’s and ate like 1400 calories in a single meal. I don’t think i will be eating Fazoli’s anytime soon haha. The first day at Gencon we stopped on the way and I had a burger from Burger King, which was alright. After we had been at the convention for a while we went to California Pizza and I had the Wild Mushroom pizza, very tasty <3! We spent that day at the market area of Gencon. Latter in the night we ran out to Walmart and I got some breakfast bars, a big sandwich, and….. Reese’s Peanut Butter stuffed Oreo’s..O.O I split the sandwich with my brother and had a few cookies and that was day one. Day two was a little more uneventful, I had a breakfast bar and milk for breakfast. We had to leave for the convention before the hotel even opened its breakfast bar. We had an early morning Pathfinder game, which is kind of like Dungeons and Dragons. For lunch after the Pathfinder game we went to the circle center mall and I had some Bourbon Chicken. Fried Rice, and a Mr Pib. we spent the rest of the day walking around the market trying out new games, and I interviewed a creator of a TCG for FailedTaskPodcast. Dinner was just a Mt. Dew and Oreo’s…. Day three I spent an hour driving around at 4 am trying to find a McDonalds, found one about 5 minutes from our starting point in the end. GPS trolled me..I had a steak bagel and hashbrown. We did another early morning Pathfinder game, next year I think we will do afternoon games. For lunch we went to the food trucks that come in for Gencon, and ate at our favorite one called Mac Genie. They have a really awesome bowl of Mac n Cheese <3. For dinner we met up with a big group of Bloomington gamers and went to Bucca Di Beppo. We all ordered small pasta dishes and ate them family style passing them around the table! We stayed out late that night at the Mayfair area playing games. When we got back to the hotel I ate a bunch of pizza rolls….not the best choice I have ever made. The last day we got to eat for the first time at the hotel, it was not that great as far as hotel breakfast food goes. I was mad they had no bagels….I love bagels. I had a few cheese danishes, a yogurt, and a few glasses of OJ. We got checked out of our hotel and met up with some friends that came down for the day. For lunch we went to a Bistro in the convention center and had Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches. Finished up the day with some subway where I had another steak sandwich….I guess I like streak haha. The rest of my week after I got back was pretty normal. I had my will power tested a few times, but I avoided eating out when invited to. I even drove my two best friends to Rallys/Checkers and did not get anything. the 22nd was my Birthday and I once again let myself eat food I would normally avoid. We had a big barbecue and while the food was not terrible for me, I did not eat in moderation. My mother made my favorite oatmeal cake and I had to have a couple of slices. Then I got to work and my coworkers had brought me in a giant pizza to have a little surprise party. I am now back on track eating good whole foods, I honestly missed eating clean. I think half the reason I felt kind of crappy after Gencon for the first few days back was the diet I kept while at the convention. Overall the food was all great, but I don’t know how worth it the Gencon food was haha.

As far as exercise goes over the last few weeks it has been pretty minimal. I manged to go swim a few times, and I did finish my swimming program and swam a whole mile non stop! I only made it into the pool once this week, and I swam one time at Gencon. I did not walk really at all this week at work, my legs have felt really sore after Gencon. We had to walk a half mile to our shuttle bus most days and half mile back to the hotel. While we normally spent around 8 hours a day on our feet moving around the convention center during Gencon. I was really pleased this year because in years past I had to sit around a lot and after the first day I normally had crippling leg pains. This year I did not have any problems till the last day! As I move into this week I am going to work on getting more active again, I need to figure out a new program to follow for swimming. Hard to just go swim a mile with no goal in mind.

As I promised here is an album from Gencon 2014 and my birthday!


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One thought on “Week 14-15 with Gencon and Birthday Party pictures.

  • Diane Gilberti

    Wow Gencon looks amazingly fun and surreal! Glad it all worked for you.
    I do believe our body gets used to eating a certain way, so when you had to go back
    to fast foods it tells you within days that, NO, I dont like this. Also, drains you out of your good energy fuel so you do feel crappy after awhile.

    Congratulations on finishing your swim goal! WOW- a mile in the water is a long way. It must be a great feeling going form not wanting to get into the pool to achieving this. Happy for you.