Week 16 weigh in with new shirt pictures! 1

Had a good weight loss week, but I don’t feel like I deserve it. I did not work out at all really, missed sleep, and ate a lot of crappy food compared to what I normally eat. The only thing I did right was keep my calories at the right amount, and I guess that was enough. I plan to get back to exercising this week and kicked it off with a swim! So this week I lost a total of 3.5 lbs, this brings me down to 375 lbs and a total of 44 lbs lost. This is super exciting for me because that is the lowest weight I have ever made it to the past like 8 years, now every pound I lose is a legit loss. It is hard to believe I am here, and I stop ever!

For food this week I honestly ate crap. I had a few days I followed what I normally eat for the most part, but I also ended eating out more then I wanted to. I ended up eating out twice once at Jack in the Box, and last night at Denny’s. I should have not done it, I could have just as easy at healthy food. I am just happy I had not problem keeping the will power to not over eat, and drink lot’s of water.

As I said before I don’t have much to report for exercise as I did not do much. I got one swim at the start of my week and one tonight at the start of my new week. I kept a really screwed up sleep schedule because I had to travel to record a onsite podcast a few hours away. That took most my energy, and my legs just did not want to walk this week. I am feeling better, so I will get back to walking!

I don’t think I really had a big NSV this week outside of I can semi fit into my 2xl shirt’s now. I also notice a slight change in the shape of my body when looking head on, I don’t think I look super round anymore. Only from the side haha.

Below are pictures of me in my 2xl shirts compared to my 3xl shirt! I think they are starting to look alright on me, but still tight.



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One thought on “Week 16 weigh in with new shirt pictures!

  • Diane Gilberti

    Love the gold on black shirt! You’re halfway to Level 5, absolutely amazing work.
    Like I shared on last blog the crappy food brings that same body feeling as it’s saying., NO! Once you’re on track a full week you’ll feel more energetic and healthy like you did before Gencon.
    So inspiring Frank. Cheers to you!