Week 17 weigh in with full body picture update! 4

Another great week with a loss of 2 lbs, down from 375 to 373. That 50 lbs is coming up fast, just 4 more lbs! This weight loss was extra exciting because this is my first real legit loss now that I am past the 375 barrier! This is officially the lowest I have been in over 5+ years and boy does it feel great. This week  was not really any better than my last week as far as nutrition and exercise go. This week I am determined to get back on the ball…also I have not forgotten about my Level Up post, I know I said last weekend. I have just not been feeling really creative as of late, guess you could say I have a little bit of writers block. My plan is to hammer it out over the next few days and post it Saturday morning after work.

Food this week was again abnormal. I ate a lot more junk food than I planned for, but I did turn down some offers of unhealthy foods. Friday we did a big combined birthday party for myself, and two of my friends that share August birthdays and I went a bit overboard on the food. We had a big BBQ and some drinks, I could have made better choices. I did bring some fruit platters so at least I ate some healthier food with my junk food. Monday night I broke down and ordered a pizza to split with my roommate while we watched anime. While the pizza was really good, I should have stuck to my original plan. I think part of my problem this week was I felt particularly lazy, and did not want to cook at all. I have also decided to challenge myself this month and not eat any sweets outside of fruit and my protein shakes. This won’t be a permanent thing, but I want to learn more self control over my urges. Sweets get me a lot of the time, and I would like to switch to only eating them on holidays and special occasions.

Exercise this week was another big flop. Outside of my Wednesday swim I got nothing else done. I just sat around a lot, and cleaned house a little bit. This week no matter what I plan to walk everyday even if it is just for 10 minutes. I really think I need to find a new exercise program to start, it really helps with my motivation and drive.

My big NSV this week was saying no to bad food choices. Monday I played pen and paper role playing games all day at our local game shop. I brought my own sack lunch with a snack and avoided eating out. I even went to KFC with my roommate and was able to tell myself no when I was trying to talk myself into getting food. I even was able to turn down my roommates chocolate cookie he could not eat because of allergies. The next day when I was at the store getting food I kept checking food labels on foods that tempted me without thinking about it. I was able to avoid the food and it also dawned on me how I got to the point I started at. The amount of calories in my favorite foods was disturbing, and now I feel like I am gaining the knowledge to not end up back at the point I started.

This weeks picture is my new full body picture. Compared to my starting picture I am really starting to notice the changes. I feel like my body type has changed, I am no long an oval shape! What do you guys think of the changes, if you can see any.



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4 thoughts on “Week 17 weigh in with full body picture update!

  • Erin

    No, seriously – I love your posts! You’ve got such an amazing outlook that practically every sentence has me grinning, inspired, and right along with you at every step. I love how you allow yourself some indulgences without guilt, acknowledge poor choices without beating yourself up, and recognize and appreciate concrete victories. Your self-awareness and positive attitude are just, well, awesome. :-)
    And as to the results so far? The difference between the two pictures is amazing. You’re actually even standing a little closer to the camera – and the decrease in size still just slaps you in the forehead. BAM!

  • Diane Gilberti

    Congratulations Frank! You are getting thinner looking to me. Right away I’d say your face, neck, then chest catches the eye. Then wow your core and upper leg areas are
    shaping up. I am so happy for you that you got past that ole’ 375 mark.
    I believe you’ll get back on track like before Gencon. You want it and you’re doing it.
    Level up buddy, can’t wait.

  • Sabrina

    Wow! You have definitely made some fantastic progress and the proof is not only in the number on the scale but by your body changing and the confidence I can see. In the first picture you’re focused on your phone and in the second picture you are focused on yourself. I think that speaks volumes to your hard work. I think the things that make lifestyle changes work and NOT diets is diets usually eliminate the foods we like most while lifestyle changes tend to encourage limiting junk food but also agree with eating it in moderation.

    I’m only a month into my weight-loss journey and I can’t wait to see my own progress 17 weeks from when I started. You’re doing great and I hope you keep up the great work!

  • Maelyn

    I can absolutely see the difference. You are doing wonderful! For another form of exercise there are monthly challenges on several websites and MFP. There are a few programs that I do that are linked directly to a support group. On Tuesday I am starting the 21-Day Fix which comes with containers to measure your food without worrying about calories, just quality. It also has exercise DVDs with it for a total plan. Basically, shop around and look at other things. Remember, you have come a long way already increasing your capacity more and more for what you can do now.