Week 18 weigh in with updated mugshot and another free smile! 1

First off sorry this is a little late, my week was a little odd because I had to go out Wednesday morning. That made me push back my weigh in day, and I forgot about the post Thursday night!

A little slow this week with a loss of 1.1 lbs, this brings me down to 371.9 lbs. At first it was a little disappointing I did not lose more, I had a really good week and I thought i was going to see a big loss. I thought about it more and I just need to remember that this brings me down to 47 lbs in total lost, that is an amazing number! I know this will not all come off in one single week, but some days I forget how far I have already come and wish it was all gone. I just keep reminding myself this is not about the weight, but about the change in my lifestyle and that change will result in a healthy me down the line. On the bright side I had an amazing week as far as my nutrition and exercise are concerned.

Food this week could almost not have gone better, I ate healthy almost everyday outside of Monday when I decided it was time for a little PvP (Pizza vs Player) combat. Even that pizza was not the worst, I picked a smaller pizza with less calories and loaded it with vegetables and some turkey bacon. The pizza was great, and I hope this week can be just as clean. I plan to try a week without protein shakes (Ran out of powder), so far I am finding it hard to balance my macros with the change.

Exercise this past week was also great! I went for a walk every night at work and even got some walking in on my weekend, but I did sit around a lot on my weekend. damn video games. I also got 3 half mile swims in, and that felt awesome. I really want to get started on another exercise program, I was going to start the sit up/push up program this week. In the end I did not, so I will have to start it up this week!

As far as a NSV this week I don’t know if I really had one, I guess maybe the fact I was able to show a lot of self control and motive myself to have a good clean healthy week. I have started to tell myself every time I have a bad impulse that I can’t give in, I have the Gem of Self Control now and I have to use it!

This weeks picture is my updated mugshot and a new smile to go with it. I can really see how much my head has shrunk! Hard to picture what it will look like in another 50 lbs.





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One thought on “Week 18 weigh in with updated mugshot and another free smile!

  • Diane Gilberti

    You accomplished alot this week. Motivation and self control improvement- you slayed a couple of gigantic demons there! Level 5 look out!!! Like the smiley pics it shows your new happiness, just wonderful!