Week 19 weigh in with new shirt and glasses! 3

Picking up pace this week with a loss of 1.4 lbs, this brings me to 48.5 lbs in total lost. Sitting at 370.5 lbs, just on the edge of my next level up and hitting 50 lbs lost! Only 4.5 lbs away from 1/4th the way to my goal weight, I can not believe how fast it flew by. It seems like last week I was just starting, and now I am here. I am going to be honest this week felt like a mess in all aspects…

Food got all messed up because I ran out of protein powder. I tried to adjust, but I ended up having really high in fat days. I also felt a lot less energetic without the protein powder, and it was harder to balance my caloric intake. I screwed up Monday and took a 2nd cheat meal with a foot long from subway, it would have been a lot better if I had got a 6 inch or just stuck to my plan. To be honest the sub was really bad and made me feel sick for the rest of the day. Next time I won’t give into the urge of the Subway no matter what!

Exercise this week was almost not existent…because I pushed my weigh in back a day last week I only got one swim in on Thursday. I did not want to do a back to back swim, and the pool hours stink on the weekends. I was going to swim Monday, but screwed up my sleep schedule and did not get the chance. I also was a tad lazy and only did two walks at work. I did buy some new shoes and they are helping make me want to walk more, so this week I will try to do a lot better!

I don’t think I have a NSV this week again. I am feeling more energetic as the weather changes, and I did notice my weight loss in the mirror a few times this week. That always feels awesome when you look at yourself and are like..I can see the change awesome!

Trying to improve all aspects of my life as I dive into taking better care of myself I decided to cash in my birthday gift from my parents, a new pair of glasses! Let me know what you think of them! Also got a new 3x shirt, bonus points if you know what it is from 😀

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