Week 21 weigh in with updated full body picture! 3

This week ended up alright, I was afraid I might see my first gain. I was able to drop .5 lbs, but I feel guilty because I know if I had tried to be better this week it could have been more! I am down to a total of 53.1 lbs lost and sitting at 365.9! This week was a really odd one for me, I had a local gaming convention I attended. At the same time I also worked all weekend, so I was both sleep deprived and short on time. As a result I did not cook much, ate sandwiches, and fast food.

Food could have been a lot better, but at the same time it could have been worse. I tried to stay under my calories as best I could, but I ate a lot of junk food. I did not watch my macros at all. I could have put in more work over the weekend towards what I was eating, but I took the easy route and did not eat much of my normal meals. I feel guilty because even after the weekend ended I made somewhat bad food choices with Pizza, and Subway. I am back on track as of tonight, and am happy to be. Working on getting my water consumption up also, I let it fall over the weekend.

Exercise this week was also crappy. I got one swim in and I think maybe two walks in. I really need to get more walking in, the weather has been beautiful and I want go out and enjoy it! I felt sluggish most the weekend because I skipped my swims, so it felt really good to get back to swimming today. My body seems to have got to a point that it needs the exercise or it freaks out. Going to really try and step myself up this week! Need to grind out that EXP big time!

I did not think I was going to have a NSV this week. When I was working on this post last night I could not think of any real NSV that had happened to me on this bad bad week, but morning changed that! One of my coworkers who comes into replace me in the morning asked me if I had been losing weight. She said she could really tell and I was doing a great job! She was shocked to hear my starting weight, I guess I carried my weight well. It really motivated and tickled me to have someone notice for the first time. I hope it happens again, I will just have to shrink more so it does!

Time for a full body picture update this week! My stomach is starting to really shrink, as my smile grows. I was looking at my graduation pictures before posting this, and it is really amazing to see how much I have already changed.

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3 thoughts on “Week 21 weigh in with updated full body picture!

  • Brandon

    Great job Frank! Not only can you tell such a big difference already, but you are also smiling which is really what counts the most. I’m happy for you and your dedication to do what makes you happy. The hardest part about change is the beginning. You have surpassed that and nothing can stop you now. Keep up the great work and know that you are truly inspiring to others.

  • Eldon

    WOW we can see the difference in the pics and yes i agree with the smile. You are making great progress and lookin good. Keep doing what you are doing and only deviate to the better. Proud of you.

  • Diane Gilberti

    Looking great! Congratulations. When co workers notice that’s a nice NSV and compliment.
    PS. I’ve been sick and getting caught up, see you on the other side!