Week 22 weigh in with updated mug shot 3

As far as weight loss this week is concerned it was a bad week, but overall it was a great week food and fitness wise. I unfortunately seem to be hitting my first wall, only lost .1 lbs this week. That means I am now sitting at 365.8. I hope I can barrel through this wall in the next week, but if I don’t that is alright. I will just keep doing best. On the bright side I had a really awesome NSV realization this week that I will talk about at the end of this!

Food this week was really good, outside of my mothers birthday. That damn cake was a killer, but it was so good! I was able to follow my meal plan for the most part, and my fat has been under control now that I switched back to Turkey Bacon. My next big challenge is to lower my sodium intake, I don’t know what I am going to change but i will figure it out.

Exercise this week was also amazingly good! I walked everyday outside of Tuesday, but I was active. I also got all my swims in and Monday I swam a mile, biked 6 miles, and walked 3 miles. I hope to have another week like that this week!

My big NSV this week was I noticed the change in my energy levels. It kind of hit me like a truck how much they have changed since the start of this. I used to feel tired and depressed almost all of the time. I was lucky to get 3 hours a day of feeling good. Now I can have days full of exercise and not feel tired, in fact it invigorates me! I wake up bursting with energy. When I lay down for bed I am never tired, but am able to fall into deep sleep almost instantly. I also breathe a lot better at night, and don’t wake up with sore throats from sleep apnea. I can only dream of what I will feel like when I lose another 50 lbs, I will be bouncing off the walls even more!

This week is my mug shot update! It looks like my head is changing shapes…..I also feel like my nose has grown (or everything around it has shrunk).  Also have a smile, my hair is getting a bit unruly …

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3 thoughts on “Week 22 weigh in with updated mug shot

  • Kathy

    You look great. The difference is huge between those pictures, wow!

    Also really happy for you to FEEL the difference. I think that is the most important thing, at least for me. I mean, sure it feels great to look better, find more and nicer clothes, etc. But what’s most important is that your life quality improves through all of this, not to mention your health improves, too.

    Don’t worry about hitting a tiny wall. You’ve done so well and I mean, it may be a small loss but it is a loss. A lot of people don’t lose anything or even gain some during their plateaus, so you’re still doing great. 🙂

  • Diane Gilberti

    You look like different people. So glad you went with the smile pic back in week 3 was it?

    The overall way you feel about yourself and your body changing to a place of good strength and stamina are huge victories.
    Numbers will come. Especially now your fat level is back to where you need it. Decreasing the sodium will process water better and
    water retention will decrease for you.

    Quest on Frank!