Week 23 weigh in with picture of my motivation board! 1

Things are looking up this week, I was able to get past my mini plateau with a loss of 3.3 lbs! That brings me to a total of 56.5 lbs lost, almost into the 350’s. Currently sitting at 362.5 lbs, just 2.6 lbs till the next Level Up. This week was not a very good exercise week, as far as swimming is concerned. I did manage to keep my food in check for the most part, outside of a PvP battle.

I started to reduce my sodium intake this week by switching to no salt added canned spinach, I might just go back to fresh spinach but it goes bad so fast. To cut my sodium intake this week I am going to switch back to homemade beans, the canned beans are super good, but way to much salt. I wanted to make it through last week without a cheat day, but Monday rolled around and I have into the pizza! I did fit it in my calories, but looking back I could have lived without it.

Walking this week was great, but I only got one swim in. The pool was closed on Friday due to bad weather, at least at the time I had to go swimming. I should have gone and road the exercise bike, but I got distracted and never made it in. Monday i did not sleep well, and woke up to late to make it in. This week is not looking much better, I plan to go to the gym when I wake up, but I am feeling sick so we will see how I feel when I wake up!

My big NSV for this week happened earlier today. I went out to a job interview, and for the first time felt confident that my weight was not holding me back. I felt very comfortable in my own clothing and if anything I thought my shirt was to big one me!

This week i decided to include a picture of my motivational board. I started this the day I started to diet about 160 days ago. At the start I put some quotes up that helped motivate me and still do motivate me. I also tracked my Gencon goal on the board. It also has my WiFi so now if you ever visit you can have free internet! At the bottom I have started my new weigh in challenge, going to work extra hard over the winter!


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One thought on “Week 23 weigh in with picture of my motivation board!

  • Diane Gilberti

    You had a mixed week for your exercise goals but managed to move forward because you keep your nutrition goals. Congratulations on that victory. Happy to hear your comfort level has arrived with your appearance boosting your confidence up to tackle job search. These are wonderful and amazing NSVs!
    High sodium puts obstacles to the process just like sugar so it’s great you’re aware and working on it.
    Love your motivational board-great tool. I wonder what you could call it to add it as Quest equipment?