Week 24 weigh in with old goal shirts! 2

Another decent week with a loss of .6 lbs! This brings me down to a total of 57.1 lost and sitting at 361.9 lbs! Just 2 lbs away from a level up, I can feel it coming up. This week was a rough week, I have been sick and had a really hard time getting any exercise. My food comsuption was close to normal which was good at the very least. Still a little bit sick, hopefully I will get better soon! I miss the pool and can not wait to get back in it!

Food this week felt pretty routine, I am going to try and switch back to black beans by the end of this week to cut down on my sodium intake. I am also going to try to drop back the bread in the morning some, I think i am eating to much just because it fits into my calories does not mean I should eat it. For being sick I feel like a managed my food intake well, but going to try and have a super clean week going forward.

Exercise was really bad this week, I tried to get into the gym a few times but I did not feel good enough to workout. I did not want to swim while sick, and I did not sleep very well at all this week. I did manage to get a few walks in over week, but I could have got more in. I did start a new job that requires me to be active and on my feet for 6 hours a week! So I guess I got some physical activity from that! I am really looking forward to getting back in the pool, I feel like part of me is missing.

My NSV for the week was I tried to do some yoga poses from the yoga I was doing at the start of my quest. One of the poses I used to struggle with was laying on the ground and bringing my knee up and holding it towards my cheat, but now I can grab down below my knee with ease and hold it with no problem! I am feeling a lot more mobile and it is great. I was worried about starting a physical job like my new one, but the first shift went great!

This week I decided to go down memory lane with my old goal shirt coming back and another goal shirt from the last time I tried to lose weight that never fit before! I am starting to get happy with the way my old goal shirt fits, and it has even shrunk some in the wash!

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2 thoughts on “Week 24 weigh in with old goal shirts!

  • Satia

    This is GREAT! There’s so much to love about this blog post. Your success with the yoga asana, the mindfulness surrounding your food choices, etc. Keep it up. You’re definitely motivating me to keep optimistic about my own journey.

  • Diane Gilberti

    Hi buddy, Feel better and it’s good you’re ale to eat the same.
    Try oatmeal, sweet potato, or brown rice versus the bread to get you going. I add egg whites to my oatmeal.

    You’re so close to leveling up, stay strong!