Week 27 weigh in with Full body picture update! 3

Happy to report another week of loss! Not a huge loss but still above 2 lbs with a loss of 2.3 lbs! This puts me at a total of 64.8 lbs lost and sitting at the weight of 354.2 lbs! I am getting so close to the lower side of the 300’s I can hardly believe it! I feel like every week I am not really doing this, and then the weight comes off and I am filled joy! It is hard to remember all the work I have put into to this at time, but when I stop to think about it I am proud of how far I have come. Just a few more weeks and I should hit 70 lbs lost!

Food this week was not the worst or the best but more moderate. I did eat some food I probably should have avoided, but I also ate some new healthy foods. I also think I have developed a slight addiction to tea…but it really helps fill any gaps in my eating were I get hungry. I guess I could just drink water, but i don’t see a problem with tea unless it starts to hinder my weight loss. Also learned the joy of sugar free Jello and Pudding this week!

Exercise could have been much better, I am keeping active with my job. Outside of that I need to get back in the habit of walking everyday and getting back into the pool. I am going to start the 200 sit up program in the morning, and also the 100 push up program. This week is going to be about creating new exercise habits since my old ones were somewhat destroyed when I switched jobs.

My big NSV this week would have to be that I have started to spend an hour and a half cleaning my apartment most days and I don’t feel tired or out of breath during or afterwards! This is huge because when I started this quest I could hardly get out of bed without wheezing and now I can remain active, bending over, and cleaning without any trouble!

This weeks picture is a full body update! I can really see the difference and not only that I can feel the difference in my body.

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3 thoughts on “Week 27 weigh in with Full body picture update!

  • Diane Gilberti

    Frank, you are amazing and doing so well. I remember a year ago and how you were juggling school, work, stuff, and trying to start this journey. Hope you are adjusting to sleeping at night and your new routine takes shape soon enough. Congratulations on your progress. Stay strong!

  • CHC94

    WOW! The photos REALLY show the difference! You look awesome. I am very proud of you!

    I know people say to you “Hey! You look great!” and all those other wonderful compliments, but the best part, IMHO, is that whole physical feeling of not being tired & out of breath after just 100 steps.

    As for your tea ‘addiction’ – start mixing your tea with your water. I usually do 5oz. tea (or juice) to 15oz. water. I also found a great protein smoothie recipe.

    1 bag of frozen mixed berries (6oz.)
    1 sml. bottle coconut water (11oz.)
    2 tbsp. fresh ginger (minced)
    1 pkg. unflavored protein

    Put everything in a blender & blend on “smoothie” setting till smooth.

  • Kathy

    Whoa, look at that difference! You look great! 🙂

    Also, I count tea as water and have seen many other people on MFP do the same. I think as long as you don’t add sugar or milk, it’s basically just flavoured water. Although I’ve heard that having too much of some kinds of tea (i.e. green) makes some people sick.