Week 28 weigh in with goal shirt update! 4

This has been one of the most amazing week’s I have had since the start of my journey as far as weight loss goes. I lost an unbelievable 9 lbs this week! This put’s me down to 345.2 with a total of 73.8 lbs lost so far! I am now so excited to be on the lower side of 300. Half a year ago I would never have believed I could make it this far, I still can not believe I have made it this far, and I won’t stop. I am going to keep on trucking forward on this quest, and I expect setbacks, but now I know 100% I can do this. I can not wait to see the scale read <300 that will be my next big milestone 200’s here I come!

Food the last week was really great outside of over the weekend I had my first Thanksgiving dinner with my friends. We went to Golden Corral and I tried to eat a big salad, but still managed to eat a lot of crap. I did notice that I could eat no where near the amount of food I used to be able to, I actually thought I was going to be sick with the amount I did eat. Just one more Thanksgiving to go, but I am not to worried about it since it will be a lot of good home cooked food.

Exercise this week was a little better, I got in an got some swimming in. I plan to get into the Gym tomorrow for another swim, assuming I am not to sore after work. On the bright side, it seems to be really paying to have this active job, I am happy I am fit enough to work it, I know myself from 6-7 months ago would not be able to.

my big NSV is sort of a SV….I am now able to weigh myself on the scale downstairs at my gym, it only goes up to 350 lbs, so it was so awesome to weigh myself upstairs see I was under 350. I rushed downstairs to weigh myself and it gave me the same value!

This week I decided to update my goal shirt pictures, it has been a while! I don’t see to much difference but I can feel the difference when i wear them. Soon maybe they will start to look better on me.

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4 thoughts on “Week 28 weigh in with goal shirt update!

  • Etherlily

    I see a difference. I think one thing that is hiding it a bit happens to be the angle of the picture. Most of the changes appear to be around the middle of the body instead of upper or lower resulting in it being partially hidden by the camera angle. You’re doing great! I am very impressed with everything you have accomplished.

  • Diane Gilberti

    Congratulations! Level 6 passed and slaying on Level 7— great work and consistency Frank. Sometimes the photo itself doesn’t look different but you know as you said, it feels different on you and it does because you”re slimmer. Cool about the use of scales, another NSV.
    Have a wonderful week and a very Happy Thanksgiving.