Week 4 weigh in and trying on my first mini goal shirt. 7

Good afternoon!

I am happy to report in that this week I was able to misplace another 2.1 Lbs. This puts me at 405.6 Lbs, with a total of loss of 13.4 Lbs. I am getting really close to both the three hundreds and my weight that I started at last fall. Looking forward to being over that hump and my next big mile stone will be 374, the lowest weight I have been down to in the past five years.

This week has been a really steady week for me, I do not feel like my diet really wavered outside of Monday. I spent the afternoon with my parents and brothers, had tacos and mini snickers. Also had the 2nd soda that I have drank in the last month, it was a glass bottle sprite! I was able to manage and record my caloric intake for the most part and stay close to my guidelines.

As far as my exercise it has been going great! It is nice to be able to feel the conditioning I have done, I have no problem walking for an hour straight anymore. When I first started a month ago I had a rough time even doing half an hour. I also decided to start picking up yoga, it has been really nice for my body. I already feel more flexible and my muscles are less tense. While I can not do all of the yoga moves at my size, I have found a decent video that is working well for me. If anyone has a suggestion for yoga videos or resources for someone my size let me know in the comments below!

For this weeks picture I decided to try on and take of picture of a 3xl T-Shirt I purchased last year as a mini goal for myself. The T-Shirt has been hanging on my wall over my bed for the last year as a way to try and motivate me. I don’t really have any recollection of the last time I was able to comfortably wear a 3xl shirt. Right now it is really tight on me but it sort of fits, which was exciting. I plan to try it on each month and take a picture of it to see how it is fitting! I can not wait to see myself grow into it, and hopefully one day it will look huge on me.

As always thank you all for joining me on this long quest I have decided to take on, be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook!



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