Week 5 weigh in with my mug shot! 6

Good afternoon once again everyone!

I am very excited to report in this week with a 3.6 Lbs loss in weight, with a total of 17 Lbs lost. This brings me to one of my first big mile stones of getting past 404 Lbs, the amount I weighed last summer. I am now happily at 402 Lbs and only a few pounds away from the three hundreds and my next level up! I really feel like my quest is off to a great start!

I was particularly happy with the results on the scale this week, because unlike last week this week was a rough one. I had my first PvP fight (Player vs Pizza), in fact I had three this week. I also went out with friends to a comedy show and Checkers/Rally’s afterwards and had strong urges to binge eat a bunch of junk food. Instead I just got a small chocolate ice cream cone and that satisfied my appetite, I was not as hungry as my mind thought I was. This week has truly shown me that even with some minor defeats as long as I get back up and keep fighting I am making a positive change to my life. A quote I heard keeps coming into my head when I think back on this week, and that is simply “Weight loss is standing up more times then you fall”.

Another big NSV (No Scale Value) happened this week to me. I have been trying for a few weeks to build up the motivation, courage, and will power to go swimming at my gym. As a bigger guy it always seems really embarrassing to go swim laps and feel exposed. but after much inner battling and some kind words from my friends on MFP (MyFitnessPal) I was able to do it. I swam laps for half an hour, it felt great while I was doing it, but man was I sore the next day. I plan to start swimming a few times a week, I can not wait till the next time!

Outside of swimming my other exercise has been going great, I am starting to up the difficulty level on the stationary bike, while I feel at the same time I am able to walk faster and further without as much difficulty. As I mentioned last week recently started doing Yoga and that has been going great, I am starting to notice a gain in my flexibility which is a great feeling as a bigger person. Along the same lines I had another minor NSV at the gym earlier today that I am excited to share. On the stationary bike I ride it has a heart rate sensor on the side bars near my hips. Previously I was unable to reach them while I was sitting on the bike, but today with relative ease I was able to reach down and hold onto them!

This week I decided I would take some mug shots of myself and throw some older ones up from the start of my quest, let me know what you think!

as always thank you all for joining me on this long quest I have decided to take, be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook!



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6 thoughts on “Week 5 weigh in with my mug shot!

  • kellyskitties

    I am inspired by you my nerd friend – swimming… that’s a big deal. So glad the positive voices were able to drown out the negative. On things like that we are usually our own worst enemy. I am honestly thrilled that you did that and that it went so well for you. Keep it up – you will lead many on your quest!

  • Nicole

    Great post! I think PVP Battles and feeling self-conscious are things anyone trying to get fit can relate to. I love the way you wrote about both of those challenges. You WON and you’re stronger for it. And yeah, your face totally looks slimmer already, you’re doing so well!

  • Liz aka SciFiMomma

    Dude! I love it! This is the first time I’ve visited your site, and I love the goals you have set for yourself. Congrats on the NSV’s! Keep up the great work.

  • Diane Gilberti

    Your head is definitely in the game this time around. Mug shots show the difference of the weight drop.
    It’s more than amazing that you are swimming now, know that was a huge NSV for you. You’re an inspiration to me.
    Congratulations on your weight drop and other NSVs Buddy!

  • Maelyn (Etherlily1)

    You are doing fantastic! I remember when I first started to get back in the pool without even a proper fitting swimsuit, and was so nervous as to what people were going to think about me. It is hard to not have that judgmental line going in your mind when your overweight. You did wonderful in fighting those thoughts and pulling off a stellar swim! I see a ton of difference in the face! AMAAAAZING!