Week 6 weigh in. Goodbye 400’s 5

That’s right! This week I was finally able sneak my way back into the 300’s! I am very happy to report a 3.9 Lbs loss for a total of 20.9 Lbs lost so far. This brings me to 398.1 Lbs! I smashed right past 400 Lbs barrier and into my next level up!(Expect my level up post when I wake up >.<) This brings me another step closer to my all time low the past five years of 374. It would be awesome if I was close to that goal before my big convention this year (Gencon Indy), but I know I will get to it sooner or later.

On the subject of Gencon I received an exciting opportunity from my parents to help me afford my trip this year. They have graciously offered to give me 10$ a pound for the next 20 pounds I lose. Thank you so much for the support Mom and Dad, love you! I getting really excited for Gencon this year. I am going to try and work on my endurance before it starts, on average most people walk 30+ miles at the 4 day convention. I plan on getting a step meter so I can see how much I really walk.

This week is sort of a contrast to last week, I think I ate well outside of my ↑↑↓↓←→←→BA Day (Aka Cheat Day) but my exercise kind of lacked. I did discover I love raw raspberries and they are so healthy! I plan to eat them more often, if anyone has good ideas of what to do with them let me know. While I say my exercise was bad this week, I did get some good workouts. I was able to swim for a whole hour doing laps. I got some goggles the other day before a half hour swim and it was great. I just wish I had got more bike rides in on the stationary bike and I almost forgot I was doing Yoga >.<. I did get a nice bike ride in tonight to celebrate the weight loss, rode almost 7 miles! I also did not get many walks in at work, I had a hard time wanting to go outside because the weather has been so up and down. No excuses this week, I will get my walks in.

This week I had a lot of NSV (No Scale Values)the biggest being I decided to try on some clothing I had not been able to fit into for a while. I was able to fit into my old jeans and T-shirt, the jeans were a little tight, but the shirt fit great. I also have been having no problems anymore putting my seat belt on, before I had to huff and puff and leave my car door open to reach it. Was a really awesome change to notice this. I think one of the most exciting changes I have noticed in me is my appetite, on my ↑↑↓↓←→←→BA Day I got full a lot faster. At the same time I have had almost no cravings, outside of the other day I was watching people drink soda and really wanted one. I also voluntarly mowed part of my parents lawn this week when I went to visit them. If you had asked me before I started this quest I would have did anything I could to avoid it, but I kind of crave workouts now.

For this weeks picture I wanted to share one last NSV. The stationary bike I use only goes up to 400 Lbs on the moniter, so before I could not input my correct weight. I was excited to be able to input my numbers this time around, so here is a picture of it!

As always thank you for the support and joining me on this long quest. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter!



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5 thoughts on “Week 6 weigh in. Goodbye 400’s

  • Nicole (Dragonborn)

    I’m so happy for you! You SO have this! I can’t really think of anything interesting to do with raspberries. You can throw them into salad, cereal or yogurt. That’s always good.

  • Diane Gilberti

    Congratulations on returning to the 300’s! Perhaps you didn’t walk as much but you added swimming and increased your distance in the pool. This is huge progress for you especially the whole NSV of getting yourself into that pool! Awesome about your parents being in your corner and supporting Gencon goal.
    Raspberries, I put them in everything from my eggs, salads, yogurt, and blend into protein drinks. I love making sundae cups with blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries with a scoop of yogurt on bottom and top, & sprinkle with crushed nuts.

    • NerdFitQuest Post author

      See I had thought about putting them in my eggs, I have been doing that Mango Salsa and it is so good. I was afraid I would run my eggs and raspberries. Some great ideas I will have to give them a try! Thank you for all of the support.

  • Maelyn (Etherlily1)

    I put fruit into the breads I make. I’ve been creating my own bread recipes to cut out calories and processed stuff as well. I’ve been using oat flour for gluten free recipes, the last few times I’ve been using stone ground whole wheat flour. I don’t use eggs or milk and the oil I use is extra virgin olive oil.