Week 7 weigh in with updated full body picture. 5

This week was another big weight loss week, with a loss of 4.7 Lbs! Heck I am almost under 390, this level up is coming up fast! I guess dungeon mobs are good EXP. I am sitting at 393.4 Lbs with a total of 25.6 Lbs lost! I can not believe I have already lost 1/4th of 100 Lbs. I am excited to see how much I will change in this next year. I am getting close to 50 days of my new healthy lifestyle, it is surprising because it does not feel like that much time has passed. Just 48 more days till my big gaming convention! It is going to be awesome going after all this weight loss.

This week really just flew by, everyday was solid. I got in a lot of great exercise and a few rest days. The only real mistake I made this week was I kind of messed up my sleep schedule and ended up taking a few naps on Monday and not getting a straight 8 hours. Outside of that I stuck to my meal plans well, and enjoyed some Pizza, Bread sticks, and Ranch on Monday. I also decided to get Ice Cream from a local shop Tuesday night with my roommate. We started a class on Web Design and he had really wanted ice cream from the store the night before but I could not fit it into my day after the pizza, so pushed it back a day! Maybe it would have been better to not go, but it was a nice treat. I think we are all entitled to one every once and a while as long as it is not every night >.>

I got in a lot of swimming this week, and got my walking back up from the previous week. I also got a few more bike rides in, but I am really slacking on the Yoga. I don’t know why because I was really enjoying it, I just keep finding other things to do with the time. I need to get back into the habit of doing it when I wake up.

I think my big NSV this week had to deal with swimming. I decided to do some early morning swimming after work, this is a mistake all the lanes were taken! I guess people like to swim early >.< I was really nervous and almost decided to not swim, but I decided to ask a gentlemen around my age if he would share his lane with me. He was happy to share the lane with me, and we did not bump into each other at all. I was worried about sharing the lane at my size, so it was a really good feeling to be able to do that. Another NSV was when i went out for pizza I was able to comfortably wear a button up shirt and not worry about the buttons popping. I would normally never button a shirt up and just wear a t shirt under it. I felt very fancy.

This weeks picture has me really excited, it is a side by side comparison picture of my first full body picture from a month ago. Hard to believe it has already been a month of blogging! I hope this next month I can generate a higher amount of blog post for you all! I don't know how much has changed in this new picture, also the perspective is a little different because I had my roommate take the picture. I hope to keep the picture the same format and perspective from here on out. Let me know what you think!

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5 thoughts on “Week 7 weigh in with updated full body picture.

  • Diane Gilberti

    Congratulations on your continued progress! I agree we have to allow ourselves those treats. It’s healthier to know and understand it’s possible to have ice cream, and possible to have pizza but not on the same night. You are gaining a wealth of education wellness that will last you your lifetime. Your self confidence is shining through and strengthening the warrior inside you.
    I like the 393 photo because it’s in the light. Selfie vs this photo are different perspectives. I think the non selfie gives you a better overall perspective. I see changes in your face and neck….can’t wait to see you smile!

  • Nicole (Dragonborn)

    You are going to be SO ready for that convention! There’s already a significant difference in your face. Awesome.