Week 9 weigh with a plethora of pictures 1

Another small loss this week, only 1 Lbs. This puts my just shy of hitting 30 Lbs lost, I guess next week! I was a little sad at first at such a small loss, but after thinking about it on my swim I came to terms with it. I decided I should be happy for a loss and not a gain, no matter what I am heading in the right direction. I have now lost a total of 28.7 Lbs and I am starting to notice a difference in the way that I feel. I sort of feel lighter at times, it is super exciting. It is hard to picture it but I have almost lost 6 of these

! 5 Lbs of Fat

This week has been a really great week for me, even my small loss turned into motivation for me. Almost everyday has been a positive day, and I have been able to maintain my diet and exercise. I had a really great weekend, and got a lot of yummy meat from my parents, including some yummy steak. Thank you again mom and dad! I am starting to get more comfertable putting new foods into my diet each day which is great, I have really been enjoying the avocados :). I have also  really been pumped up with motivation after meeting a new awesome friend on MFP that I have been gaming and discussing weight loss with. She a amazing person who is also on a weight loss journey like me, but with different goals. Check out her blog and send her some words of encouragement! http://justbreathetenderfoot.wordpress.com/

This week my exercise went well, again I got less walking in then I would have liked but I did get some. I finished the first week of my swimming program and started the 2nd week of it. I can tell that I am getting more comfortable in the pool and stronger also. Also my stamina seems to be up while in the pool which is awesome for me. I have noticed my legs are feeling a little less strong, so I am going to try and walk at least 20 minutes from here on out each day.

My big NSV this week was finding some more old 3x shirts that I forgot I had! I was able to fit in them rather well and wore them out to my parents house. I also noticed my work shorts are starting to slide off me when I walk around…I might have to get a new pair of pants soon. Exciting for me, but not my wallet!

This week for pictures I have a bunch. The first if a picture of some of the meat my parents supplied me with this week. They also gave me some real bacon, blue cheese hamburgers, and salmon that is not shown.


The 2nd picture is of me trying on my old shirts and me feeling really happy about it.


the 3rd picture is my new mug shot compared to my first one! I am really starting to notice the difference in the shape of my face. Super excited to see how it changes over time.


and the 4th and final picture is of my Gencon Badge that I got in the mail! It feels really official now and I can not wait!


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One thought on “Week 9 weigh with a plethora of pictures

  • Nicole (Dragonborn)

    My gods that food looks tasty! One pound of fat gone is still awesome. When I’m exercising hard I tend to lose weight less quickly, but I know I’m sculpting my body as I’m going. I don’t want to be one of those people who loses a bunch of weight too quickly (which often means a lot of muscle along with the fat) and ends up STILL not being happy with the way their body looks. I’ve know a lot of people who have done that. I want to get to my goal and be able to rock some Emma Frost or Black Canary cosplay, dammit! haha